To relax or not to relax? That is the question.

In 2005 I cut my hair off in an attempt to grow out my relaxer and I suffered through that AWFUL growing out phase.  It was rough (those of you who have been through it can attest) and I'm already impatient, so it made a difficult situation worse.  I felt like a little boy. :(  Not a good look.  Fast forward to October/December of 2006 and I was back in the game. Long enough for me to rock a center part and not look like "Detroit Red". Hallelujah! I didn't like having to deal with a cold, wet head in the wintertime, but I was happy to have a cold, wet, curly head, so it was okay.  In the summer of 2007 I found a salon (Too Groovy) that made my hair look like I was steppin' off the runway. I mean FLY, and they got me in an out in an hour and a half (black women, pick up your jaws, it's true). So I started getting my hair done every week.  I didn't pay attention to the fact that with each service my hair was becoming straighter and straighter, until I looked up one day and couldn't go back curly. By this time a year had passed.  I cut a few inches off last summer and am trying to grow out my hair which now looks like I'm growing out a relaxer.  A good portion is curly, but the ends around the front are straight, so I look like a fool. My options are: 1) stay the course and fight the good fight, 2) cut the ends off and cry while rocking it short AGAIN, 3) let go of my dreams and the stress and relax my hair. What do you think???