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Sutter Jacquard Bed Skirt

Saw this little ditty on Pottery Barn's site yesterday in the 75% off Clearance section. I love greek key, and I love bedskirts, too, so it's too bad that I can't use something like this with my bed (or my guest bed, either). At $39.99 (down from $129.99), it really is a great deal. While I liken sleeping in my bed to resting on a cloud in the sky, the whole thing is a monstrosity. The boxspring used to do make the bed do all kinds of fun things like lift and vibrate (get your mind out of the gutter!), but since it doesn't work anymore, it's just a 200 lb., 15 inch thing deep sitting here and making it difficult to manuver the bed around the room. I would love to get rid of my bed and find a short headboard from the thrift store that can be repainted or upholstered. I would love to have something like this from Mitchell+Gold with shorter posts, and maybe minus the footboard, too. I mean, I like the bed as is, but it's not what I'm "looking" for at this point (I use looking in quotes because I'm not actually getting anything right now. I need to be focused on other things besides a new bed.). But back to dream land . . . .

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