Project City

As you can see, I've been working on a few projects around here for the last week or so. Following in the footsteps of Jenny at Little Green Notebook, I hooked up 2 cork boards for my office (which is badly in need of storage) by adding a little paint and fabric. I used a mix of two sample colors (Home Depot sells all colors in large samples for $5) to get the exact color I wanted.

There are so many papers on the floor (I'm embarrassed to show you), so hopefully this will help me to keep up with current things. Anyway, the best part of this project was that the boards were only $3 (one for $1 and $2 for the other, both from thrift stores) and I already had the paint, fabric, and craft glue. I added the ribbon after failing with fabric trim (the trim would fray every time it was cut) and that was it.
Such a cute, easy, and inexpensive idea that I thought I would share it. A project like this would also be great to use for displaying photos by simply adding ribbon/trim in a lattice pattern across the front. Since the original idea came from Jenny (and to give you another idea on how to design your boards) click here to see her transformation. While you're there, try not to fall in love with her credenza, like I have. I've been keeping watch on Craigslist for something like it to repurpose as a sideboard/buffet for my dining room--hopefully something will come up soon!