A Sneak Peak from the workshop

I've been spending the last few days toiling away in my little workshop (aka garage) on some
great new things I picked up at my favorite thrift store(s). I'm done with one piece, but still need to add polyurethane and a top coat of paint to other pieces, so I have a few more days until I'm done. While I can't show you everything in "Santa's Workshop" (a favorite saying from my mom), I can, however, leave you with a hint. I was supposed to be selling everything, but I fell in love with the lamps, so I'm keeping them for myself. Keep your fingers crossed that I'll make some cash!
On a side note, Thursday will be the beginning of my volunteer training with a really special organization here in Atlanta. I'm excited to be involved, and expect to be really engaged in the process. Hopefully I'll be able to share more soon!
Please excuse the super-distracting florescent extension cord.
Finished pieces to come soon!