Before and After: Bath Edition

And I present to you my lovely powder room. I don't know what was going on with this house and all of its wallpaper, but that stuff was/is everywhere. I wanted to try to go DIY all the way and started by trying to remove the wallpaper using my freshly acquired skills from HGTV. It didn't go so well. Unfortunately, I was never told (or I just didn't hear) that not all wallpaper will come off easily. I thought it was a given that I could use a tiger eye and a solution of fabric softener and water and the paper would just roll off like tissue paper. Um, not quite. It seems that none of the drywall in my house was primed before the wallpaper went up, so taking it down is basically a no-no. I didn't know that, so I thought that I should just keep applying more solution and moving the eye around until I found an easy patch. Too bad it never came. :( I wish I would've taken a photo of the removal because it was awful! I was pulling the drywall paper off (the top layer) and the wall was a mix of floral wallpaper, white drywall, and exposed drywall paper. I then attempted to skim coat the whole wall, and that didn't go over well, either. My application was WAY too thick, and I thought I could just come back and sand it down, but it turned into a huge mess. I looked like a dust-covered ashy blob walking out of that bathroom. Man . . . it looks SO EASY when you see someone do it, but if you've never tried it before, I don't suggest you try to do a whole bathroom by yourself out of the gate. Or just don't be as bad at it as I am. :)
Needless to say, I had a handyman come in and finish/fix the walls, remove the horrible, broken pink tile, replace the subfloor (which was rotten all the way through around the toilet), replace the toilet, and extend the bamboo into the bathroom.
Walls= Ralph Lauren Metallic Paint
Vanity=Home Depot
Ladder=Z Gallerie
Mirror=Pier 1
Lighting=Habitat ReStore

It's not quite done, but almost there. I think I need to take another picture because I just realized that you can't see the floor or other wall. It's a really tight space though. I'd really like to add gold horizontal stripes to the wall, but I do not want to have to take the vanity and toilet out again. Can anyone give me pointers on adding the stripes at this point, or is it best left to pre-installation? Anyhow, hope you like what you see, and please forgive the white towel--it's since been removed by the management. :)