Did You Know????

While cooking my tacos I noticed this bottle of vinegar sitting beside the stove and began to read the label. Did you know white vinegar had so many uses??? I definitely didn't. This stuff is like a household cure-all, and though I originally got it to clean some brass, I don't think you'll catch me without it again. Listen to some of the uses:

-Steep with fresh herbs or fruit to make flavored vinegars
-Add a splash to the water when boiling eggs to keep cracked eggs from boiling out of the shell
-Substitute 1 tablespoon per egg in cake recipes if allergic to eggs (I did not know about this! Vinegar for egg? Crazy!)
-Add to crab or shrimp boils for extra flavor
-Vinegar-soaked paper towels wrapped around bath fixtures dissolves stubborn scum in approximately 2 hours
-2 cups of white vinegar in the wash help restore fluffiness to blankets
-Vinegar rubbed lightly on washables before laundering helps eliminate deodorant stains (Oprah's people need to know this one!)

I'm a bit afraid of how the vinegar will make the blankets smell, but if anyone has ever tried this, let me know your thoughts. I'm sure vinegar has many more uses, as well--do any of you use vinegar in unconventional cleaning/cooking ways? If so, I'd love to hear about them.
**I have been trying to get a water stain of some glass, and I've tried the vinegar/dishwashing liquid thing. Anyone have any suggestions about what I could do?