I Love This Kitchen!

While picking up spray paint and other a few other items in Home Depot last week, I ran into this wonderful kitchen. It's so my style, and it made me re-think my needs and wishes. Obviously the pole going through the island isn't a part of the set-up, but it made me realize that we often times have a tendency to build bigger instead of building smarter, or building for how you (and your family) actually live. Granted, this is harder if you're moving into a pre-existing home, but there are still changes to be made that can improve your space. I know one of the issues I have in my home is a lack of storage. There's no front closet, so there's no place downstairs to hold coats & purses, or store heavy blankets for lounging around downstairs. Just this weekend I started looking for a (stylish) coat rack and am thinking of using the extra space at the bottom of my armoire to store my quits. In my kitchen I'm pretty much able to deal with the counter space (or lack of), but I feel like I'm always having to shove things in the drawers or cabinets. So much that a shelf in the cabinet where I store my heaviest things completely collapsed. Looking through this kitchen showed me that a small space can really be more functional than a large one, of it's planned correctly. Let me show you . . .
This is like the mother of all pantries, especially for a kitchen of this size . This thing is ridiculous!
Um, hello???? There are 2 layers of storage in this bad boy! Have you ever seen anything like this? You could hide a small child back there (though I DO NOT recommend it )! After using this, I think I would only need about one more cabinet for my dishes and that would be it. This thing is crazy.
Love this undermount sink from Kohler. This is the first time I've seen something like this that has two sides that are not totally separate. I'm really feelin' this style, and of course, I love a porcelain sink. I moved into my home from a place that had a porcelain sink, and I never knew that the stainless one could get so spotty--or maybe I just never noticed before. Don't get me wrong, the sink I have does the trick (I am very grateful for running water, period), but since I'm not the cleanest person, I'll definitely be going this route next time. Clean it out and you're done--no spots!
Here's a close-up of the beautiful glass tile backsplash. I love the material and the pattern they created. This would also be really pretty as subway tile.
This is what I always want to check out in a kitchen, and this corner cabinet did not disappoint! I wish I would've gotten a photo of it closed, because it looked like a small little door, but it was actually double hinged with 3 levels of storage. Mine is like a black hole. I feel like I actually have to CLIMB IN THE CABINET to get whatever has fallen to the back. It can be really scary.
I think I first saw this at Ikea, though I know many companies make something like it. If this isn't convenient, I don't know what else is. I think I also like how things are kind of close in this kitchen-- you don't have to run to different places to get the things you need.
Here's a view of the entire space from the other side. I could do without the wine cooler, since I don't drink, but everything else I love. And what about you--what do you think about this space (both planning, and color scheme)? For those of you who have small and/or older kitchens, what solutions have you come up with to maximize your storage space? Struggling to be Stylish shared a great tip with me last week about how she put her spice rack on the inside of her cabinet door. I would love to try that, if they weren't so full already. Talk to me, people . . .