i luv hm gds

That's how you would write it if you were in Home Goods texting someone about the next greatest thing you found. I think that HG is quite possibly the best place to find lamps. Every time I go, I always find something amazing. I'm not really in the market for lamps right now, but I saw some on Friday that were quite tempting! Take a look . . . .

I love the print on the inside of this shade. Not sure how great the light would be in a room with this print (as opposed to this huge store), but I like it nonetheless. And I like the price, too.
Much more traditional shade, but the curves on the base are great, and the shade can easily be dressed up with ribbon (or whatever your fancy).
I'm not really in love with the fabric on this shade, but the base is great. I'd probably prefer either a brown drum shade or a linen/burlap one instead of this microfiber looking thing. I haven't seen anything like this in any of the stores I've been in lately--too bad they only had one.
Plain in terms of color, but I love the shape of the base and shade. Since I tend to use ribbons on lampshades, I'd probably do a coordinating double ribbon here. I could also see this spray painted black. Extra glossy!
And I saved the best for last because I love, love, LOVE these! Color, shape, style and everything. They were much smaller than the other lamps, and I thought they would be too small for anything I would use them for, but when I look at them again, I realize that I should've snatched them up. I'm sure they were gone by Saturday afternoon. Sad for me, but happy for the lucky person who took them home!