My New Shoes

I bought these yesterday and I lurve them. I'm trying to get better about buying shoes, because I buy stuff I love but then I wear them OUT, so I need more of a rotation. I saw them in the aisle and they were calling my name. I really wanted them in red, but trying to walk around all day in the red size 8's was not going to work, so I took the grey. I hate it when your shoes feel fine in the store, but once you get them home and wear them outside you realize you really should've got the next size up. So I sacrificed my original choice for the health and safety of my feet. And I will be very happy.
And ignore the plastic that's on the lampshade in the background. I'm trying to live with them to see if they should stay, because they're not quite white and it annoys me.

And while you're browsing your favorite blogs today, be sure to stop by Beth's @ The Stories of A to Z. She posted an exterior photo of her parent's oceanside home yesterday and it's nothing short of AMAZING. You're not even going to believe people you actually know (in the blogging-sort of way) live there. There's also a recipe for sweet potato biscuits (yum!), which are supposed to be to die for!