Office Lighting-DIY

When first moved into my home I decided to use my 3rd bedroom as an office, and since I was finally free from the restrictive reins of apartment decorating, I went a little crazy. My initial inspiration was a pink, red and brown room from the now defunct magazine, Shop, Etc. Does anyone else remember that magazine? I loved that thing. I mean, REALLY loved that thing. So much that I still remember where I was the first time I saw it--in Kroger on Memorial Drive, long before they added the automated cash registers. It was $1.99, and I remember thinking, "This must be wrong . . . ." Well, it wasn't wrong, it was oh, so right. I remember pulling out my cell phone to call one of my best friends to alert her to the magazine's existence. It had a clothes section, a home section, a beauty section, and everything about it was perfect. Did I mention it was only $1.99 at a time when the other magazines were $3 and $4? Now, who among us doesn't love a deal???

Shop, Etc. Cover

So my inspiration room came from this wonderful magazine. The walls were supposed to be pink, so I custom mixed a dark pink and white (myself) to achieve the perfect color. Only the room never took off from there. For some reason, I just couldn't bring myself to follow through with the game plan, and later decided to switch to this much more comforting steel blue that you'll see below. I share this with you because when you see the following photos, you'll wonder about the pink border lining the room. Now you know. I decided not to tape the ceiling when I was painting because I told myself that I'd immediately be putting up crown, and there would be no need to waste my time. But in actuality, I was just being lazy. While I wanted it to happen right away, I had a strong feeling that it wouldn't, and it didn't. So until it gets done, I'm stuck with this pink border (of course I could just go ahead and paint that little bit, but why, when the crown will be coming soon???). :)

I wanted to upgrade the light in the room and decided to go with a $20 pendant from the Habitat ReStore and some ribbon. To get started, I bought about 5 yards of both, a chocolate and caramel ribbon (don't hold me to the quantities) to embellish the perimeter of the shade. Using craft glue, I very simply glued the 2 ribbons together, and then attached the double ribbon to the top and bottom of the shade with a hot glue gun. I had a bit of trouble figuring out the best way to bring the two ends (on top and bottom) together, but by the last corner I had it down. If you decide to try this, don't be like me and try to make it more difficult than it needs to be--instead of folding one end under, simply make as clean a cut as possible and glue the ends as close together as you can. And there you have it--an inexpensive custom pendant!

**okay, the blue actually doesn't look that great in these photos, but it is nice. You'll see one day, if I ever get done with the room.