"Precious" Wendy

Friday night I went to see the movie "Precious" with Wendy, a new friend from the CASA volunteer program.

The movie was really sad, but also very interesting. I was able to see it through a new lens since I've completed my training, but even without the "lens", it's a movie I recommend that every adult see. Sometimes we can get so caught up in our day-to-day lives (and those of our peer groups) that it's very easy to forget that some of the people we live among have it bad--really bad, and not all of them will make it out of their situation, and not all of stories will make it to 20/20 or Oprah. These might not be people that you personally know, but you and I both probably pass at least one person on the street everyday who's suffered through abuse. Like many of you, I've heard the stories of abuse, but never seen it this close--wow. I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but if you have seen it, or plan on going, please let me know your thoughts--I'd love to get your feedback. I wasn't particularly in love with the screenplay, but the acting is EXCELLENT. Check out the trailer . . .

courtsey of Lionsgate

And now back to my friend. Wendy is a Woman's Wellness Coach in the southern metro area, who specializes in Holistic Care. She does everything from Diet Analysis and Life Coaching, to Cooking Classes, Supermarket/Health Food Tours, and Pantry Makeovers. She offers assistance in making the transition towards "vegetarian-ism" (I think I just made that up . . . ), and even teaches yoga!! She's like a one-stop shop for women's wellness, and as an added bonus, she's engaging and very nice. She's shared some great recipes on her blog as well, so check her out, and visit her website, too. It's www.nourishingintelligence.com--I think the name is so fitting! Let her know you stopped by!

**I have edited this thing a MILLION times trying to get the photos and video straight, but it's not working, so this is the best I can do. Sorry!