Sneak Peak . . .

I'm working on my dining room, trying to get my redo together before Christmas arrives (family, too), and decided to give you a sneak peak of what's going on.

I bought these chairs at a thrift store a few weeks back for CHEAP--I paid $5.99 for 2 chairs, and $2.50 for the other 2. If you're wondering about the price difference it's because I quickly bought the 2 I could fit in my car without a second thought, and then I saw the other two and realized they were not in as good of condition. The veneer was seriously coming off of one, and the other wasn't in the greatest structural condition. I sat at the store for 30 minutes debating on whether to get the other two, and then decided to sleep on it. I woke up early the next morning and decided that I would just have to use some elbow grease and get it done, because the chairs have great lines, and I've been wanting to get rid of the ones that came with my table. And of course, you can't beat the price, either! When I got to the store the other 2 were marked down to $2.50, so I took it as a sign from God and threw them in the back of my car. Here's a closer look:
I previously picked out several swatches of fabric for chairs that I bought earlier in the year, and have narrowed it down to these 3, but I'm pretty sure I know which one I'm going to use.
I've had the chairs in my DR forever, trying to get used to the new look and feel, since the chairs I have now have a much higher back and are very cushiony on the bottom. I also got used to the darker color, because I was shocked when I finally started spraying. I wanted to go for a lighter look, but I've been afraid of everything looking crazy. I knew white was "too white" for the fabric, and the black just wasn't it. So I ventured to the holy grail of spray painting . . . ."Heirloom White." OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!!!!!! It's the perfect off-white--creamy, but not too much cream, ivory, but not yellow. Ahhhhh, it's just what I was looking for. This wonderful world of blogging is an amazing thing. I never even knew this color existed until I ran across some of your projects--can you imagine how awful this would've been if I would've used a pure white? Ew. Anyway, after primer and paint . . .
Sorry that it looks a bit white here, but it's Heirloom. Look . . . (and it's okay to be mad that my house is periwinkle. I'm mad, too, but I bought it like this.)
Stay tuned! And please check out my other post and let me know how you think I should best handle the hardware on the front and feet of the chair. Can I spray them and then apply tape, or will the tape take the paint off?