I really want to make a slammin' wreath this year, but I'm not sure which one to do! There are so many out there, and it seems like everyone has some take or variation on the best wreath for the holidays. I looked around and found a few I like and am probably capable of pulling off, like this Evergreen & Grape Wreath from Better Homes & Gardens. LOVE this.

Here's another one from BH&G. This Pinecone wreath is supposed to be for the tabletop, but I'm not sure why it couldn't be used on the door. I really like this one because it's different, and I haven't seen one like it before. Finding the extra mini pinecones would probably be a b**** though . . . . . (actually, I just found some yesterday at the Dollar Tree for $1/bag!!! Whoo hoo!!!)

Of course I've seen this Ornament wreath before, but I like the bulb (size) variation on this one.

And these aren't for the door, but I love them anyway--so colorful and they look like they bring so much energy into the home. So . . . . I'm not sure what to do!!!!!!! I'd love to see links to any wreaths you've tackled, or plan on tackling this season. I need some help before it's too late! I love the garlands as well, but I don't want to spend $100 trying to do one, so if you send an idea for one, make it one the cheap(er) side. Thanks--I know you crafty people won't let me down! :)