Fabulous Foyers!

So today was supposed to be my big reveal, but the weather was absolutely awful here, so the pictures look like crap. Especially since I'm this wonderful photographer, I wouldn't want you seeing less than quality work (just kidding--I think it's been clearly documented that I'm not the greatest photographer!!). So I found some foyers that were picture ready and decided to share to ensure that you'll be in entryway mode for tomorrow! Take a look . . .

Beautiful dresser, mirror, and chair. I can't wait until I find a piece like this somewhere around this town, but it will have to be for the low-low, because then I might not love it as much!!!

Love these colors!

Lovin' those beautiful mirrors and that stunning floor!!

The paper sets this off! I am really starting to feel a warm place in my heart for brown and orange. Not quite sure I would do it in my bedroom yet, but I definitely like the energy the orange brings.

I just realized that I have probably done myself a great disservice in posting these photos!! My entry doesn't look quite like this, but it is so much more functional now, and I'm wondering why I didn't do it sooner--I LOVE it (so far)! Thanks for being patient--I promise the photos will be up tomorrow!

Have a wonderful day!

All photos are courtesy of House Beautiful.