Front Door Wreath

It just occurred to me that I probably should've taken photos of this as I was completing it, so I went back and took photos of the items I used.
I started with these butterflies that I used on my tree a few years ago. They have clips on the back and are super easy to secure, so they won't get damaged (which I'm happy for, because I love these butterflies.)
Added these glittery grape bunches that I bought for 50% off last year. I never used them because they smell like "baby doo" (what I like to call it), but I put a mask on this year and figured it would be okay to use them, since the wreath was going outside. They stink, but I love the look.
Leftover glass and plastic bulbs.
A few of these gold branches separated from the stem.
And some of these pine needles that I twisted and separated so the branches wouldn't be so big. I added a few pinecones from the backyard and that was all I needed!
I'm glad I decided to use floral wire and not hot glue as I originally planned, because I didn't have to waste my ornaments. Taking it apart will be a pain, but I love the holidays, so it's worth it! I'll have to try the ornament wreath next year . . . .