My First Mood Board!

Lakeitha's Master Bedroom

So this is my first foray into vision/mood board creation, and I love it!!! It's really crazy to see all of this new technologies that the internet has produced. I got to thinking about Lakeitha's master bedroom (here) and decided to see if I could put a room together around some of the components she'd like to have, the first being dark brown walls. Now this isn't one of those boards where you run out and buy the exact items (one of the items is $14,000 and I don't think she was looking to spend that much!), but more of an idea. I think she said she was leaning towards blue or teal as an accent, but I chose to use yellow as an additional option. And don't be thrown off by the navy and white drum shade--I was thinking of a white shade with trim, but in brown and not navy. So the only question now is . . . . what do you think???