Thrift Store Finds!

I found some GOOOOOOD stuff this weekend! Like I said yesterday, I heart Goodwill. I'm always on these on-off spurts about thrift stores, and I"m definitely back on now. You wouldn't BELIEVE some of the stuff people give away (well, since you're here you're probably a "thrifter", so maybe you would). I always think about how lucky I'd be if I knew all of these people who give this stuff away and I could just run by their house and pick it all up. I'd probably end up on Oprah's next show about Hoarders. My spree started off with this baby.

For $5. It looks very similar to the one Tamstyles redid here. I'm thinking it will probably be white, but I picked up a perfect kelly green (quart) on the "oops" shelf for $1 a few days ago, so I might do something bright for a change. And I love the metal feet, too.
These were 1/2 off, and of course they'll be sprayed white to match the others.
I was able to snatch this up after Lakeitha passed it by. I'm not normally all about milk glass, but if it has an interesting shape, I'll take it! And for $1.80, who can complain?
Something about this spoke to me. I normally don't go for this type of set up (print, frame, matting color), but I love it altogether, so it came home with me. I'm thinking I may use it in my guest bathroom . . . . ????
I love the lines underneath the glass, and it's solid wood (and a bit heavy)!!! I was on the fence for a bit (because there was SO MUCH I wanted to take home), but a quick phone consult along blackberry photos saved the day. (thanks)
And this chair. Oooh, this chair.
I threw some clothes on and met Lakeitha out on Sunday. I found this in the back and needed a moment to think about it, so I took the tag off so people would see it was spoken for (even though it wasn't). I needed time to think about it, and I like to walk around while I debate my purchases. I loved the lines, but was really looking for a pair of chairs, like these. We walked around the store and when I saw several women checking them out, Lakeitha said, "I bet you want them now, huh?" Of course I did. With curves like this, how could I not???
So I shoved it into my car (it almost didn't make it) and brought it home to what is beginning to become a little shop. I don't sew, but would love to be able to do something like this. If you're too lazy to click the link, here's the before and after:

LOVE THIS, and the photos are courtesy of Everythignleb. My only problem is that my chair has a removable cushion on the bottom, and while I know it's probably not hard to do if you know how to sew, but I don't so I'm out of luck. Any of you have any ideas???