James Radin

I decided that it didn't make much sense to spend all that time talking about the moive and the set design without giving a platform to the man that made it all happen--James Radin! If you're under a rock and don't already know, James is Nancy's personal interior designer and has worked with her on all of the movies we know and love (Something's Gotta Give, It's Complicated, Baby Boom (interiors weren't memorable, but I love the movie), The Holiday, Father of the Bride) translating the essence of her wonderful characters into memorable living spaces. Unfortunately I can't copy the images from his portfolio, but I can share some of his work from her other movies.

Father of the Bride Filming Location

I love how everything always looks so beautiful, yet comfortable and realistic. That what I strive for in my home, and I'm working on it bit by bit, and figuring out what that means for me (and how to translate it into my style).

I also want to take this space to thank the person who gave all of those wonderful Elle Decor, Traditional Home, & Oprah magazines to the thrift store . It has provided hours of reading pleasure! :)