I got 2 of these chairs this weekend for $25. No, not $25 each, I mean $25 TOTAL! Crazy, right? I know. They were actually supposed to be Lakeitha's (from Home 2 3 Duncan Boys) but she changed her mind at the last minute and called to tell me I could have them (since I told her that I would have to slap her if she didn't get them). Yes Ma'am! I had to meet the guy at his storage unit (which was all the way in the back and would've been very freaky except for the fact that I had my sister with me), and he was surprised that they would even go for $25 because they were green and old. He told me he "didn't think anyone was decorating with green these days" . . . cute old man. He was just happy to be rid of them, and he only charged me $10 to deliver, even though I would've paid $25. Obviously, I couldn't pass them up. I've never had a piece reupholstered and am very excited about tackling the process. My couch is a dark chocolate brown, and the walls are an oatmeal-ish color, so I'm thinking something slightly graphic with color, but I'm known to change my mind. I think nailhead trim is a must, too. I want to take my time and find something I'll love for awhile, so I'll start looking soon, but for now, they're in my garage with my other projects, waiting for the big makeover.

Anyone have any tips I should know or consider before reupholstering? I'm open to fabric suggestions, and if you know of a upholsterer here in Atlanta that you'd recommend, I'd love his/her info!

ps--that is recycling in the back, and not trash thrown haphazardly in the garage. It's a bit messy, but it's for the environment!