Atlanta As A Tourist

I spent the majority of my week (and all of my weekend) with this guy (inside joke).  Saman (sah-maan) is someone I've known since high school which means I've now known him about 16 years.  I can't even believe I'm old enough to say I've known someone that long!!  He was in town all week for work and stayed with me for the weekend which made for some funny times.  I love people who make me laugh, and this dude does not disappoint!  He is hilarious, but very sarcastic, and it cracks me up.  I kept forgetting to take photos, so all I have are shots from the aquarium & our private CNN tour, which was very cool.  It was fun to do Atlanta as a tourist for a change . . . 

Saturday we hit the Georgia Aquarium which is billed as the largest in the world, and is the only aquarium outside of Asia to house whale sharks.  There were about a million people visiting with us, but it was good to get a taste of the ocean in landlocked Atlanta.  I was impressed, but not in love, being that the only other aquarium I've been to is the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium and because it is on the ocean, it is AMAZING.  But if you've never been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, you'll love this one.   

Ocean Voyager tunnel

The largest crabs I've even seen in my life.  Seriously.

Sunday morning we did the VIP CNN tour, which was a great behind-the-scenes look at the network started here in Atlanta in 1980.  While the VIP tour is normally capped at 10, there were no other people joining us this morning, so we had a personal tour to ourselves, which was fun.  We saw one show being filmed, but it was a closed studio, so we weren't  able to get up close and personal.  24 hour news is an amazing thing, though--in the event of an emergency, they can actually get a story to air in 5-7 minutes, from research to on-air!  Wild, right?

Outside of the above, there were no photos allowed on the tour but I did get this shot of me with my boy, Anderson Cooper.  The cutouts looked so real!

All-in-all, it was a great weekend and good to reconnect with an old friend.  Isn't Facebook one of the best inventions of the decade????