Gold Lamps!

I found these the other day.  For $5.

They were supposed to be for the Etsy store (like most things), but I decided this weekend that they'll be staying with me.  They're tall and fabulous and I love them.  They'll be going in my bedroom.  In gold.  I'm excited.  

I've also finished a few projects but have been slow to post anything  because I'm trying to be more thoughtful about how I photograph my finished work.  In the meantime, I'll tell you that I've transformed this,

into this

and I'm quite happy with the way it turned out.  As soon as I can figure out what to do with my monstrosity of a boxspring, I can finally get a new one and get my bed moved around.  It's like, 400 pounds (seriously) and I cry every time I think about having to move it down the stairs again.  It does, however, levitate, wave, and vibrate, and if someone could fix the short, it'd be a great boxspring for someone who needs something like it.  Hopefully I can find someone around here who's willing to take it and also bring plenty of help to get it moved  from my room.  Wishful thinking??