Happy Birthday To Me!!!


Birthday Cake Ideas
Unfortunately posting has been light because I've been sick since my company left.  If I'm not feeling better by today (written Wed. night), I'll have to celebrate another day, but I at least wanted to take the opportunity to talk about some of the things I'm grateful for as I begin another year.

1. Health.  It's not perfect, but compared to what some people are facing, I'm blessed.

2. Another chance.  Everyday I wake up is another chance to get it right, to go after my dreams, to push a little farther.  I'm a long way from where I started, but still have so far to go.  I'm thankful that each day I wake up,  I'm getting closer to where I belong.

3. Family.  I've had an opportunity to spend time with my sister that I'll probably never have again in my life, and for that I'm grateful.  

She cooks for me all the time and salts the food to my taste since she knows I don't like it.  This is a big step for a personal chef.  She checks on me when I'm sick, even though I just want to be left alone, because she wants to make sure I don't suffer in silence.  She leaves the lights on.  She loves long hot showers.  And she cracks me up. SERIOUSLY. (who-do, voodoo, what up with that??)  It's been fun times.  (fyi, I'm the younger one in the photo, and this "pose" is very typical of me. I'm sure what I was saying here was profound.)

4. Friends.  I'm the type of person that values quality over quantity.  I have friends that I've known for a long time, and they know me.   What I treasure the most is that know my heart.  They make me laugh, and they check me when I'm wrong.  They're all different, but I like to think that they all reflect different parts of me, and they all have qualities that I admire and aspire to.  Kim, Raquel, Sara, Nam--I love you guys!!

5. Blogging.  I haven't even been blogging a year, but in the months I've been at it,  it's like I've found a whole new world!  It's amazing to think that some people are out there checking to see what I'm posting everyday--me of all people!!   I started blogging last May (or so), but then stopped because it seemed like no one was reading (or commenting).  Not even my friends.  But I decided to come back to it, and coming back has taught me something that I'm applying to the rest of my life, and that is that you have to give things time.  Crafting content and gaining a following doesn't happen overnight.  Blogging has helped me focus on the long haul and to go a bit easier on myself when things don't happen like I imagine they should.  After doing some research, I've found that they never do for most people who've gone on to do great things.  This blog has helped me get back in touch with what I love, and that's renovating and refinishing.  That's what I'm good at, and I believe that if get focused,  good things will come.  This blog has also allowed me to connect with people that I could probably walk right by on the street, to this day, and not even recognize.  To Beth, Adrianna, Lakeitha, Michelle, &  LaTasha--thank you for your kind words, encouragement, comments, & emails.

 I'm believing that this is going to be a great year for me--thank you for following me on this journey!