The Joys of Technology

I have one of these.

But I wish I had one of these.

iPhone 3G
It takes me forever to make up my mind in situations where I can choose whatever I want, so I went back and forth between these phones trying to decide which would be right for me.  One of my best friends was the first person I knew who had a Blackberry and she always made it look so cool, so I ended up choosing a Blackberry when I had a choice (shout out to Kim!!).   It was a big upgrade from what I had, but now I wish I would've gone with the iPhone.  I mean, I love bbm'ing my friends (that's Blackberry messaging, for all of you non-blackerry-ans), but that's about it.  Since I'm technically challenged, I also love the fact that she serves as my personal tech support for all things concerning blackberry, so if there's ever an issue, I just pick up the phone (or send a quick bbm) and she solves it on the spot.  However, I think the straw broke the proverbial camel's back hit last night, when I saw this "handy guide" in the March issue of House Beautiful.

I don't know if this will end up being larger enough to read, but this list of "apps" for the iPhone is ridiculous!  I need about 14 of the 20 listed here, and I know there are probably a million more.  Here are a few I must have:

Ben Color Capture--matches Benjamin Moore paint to an uploaded photo.
ColorSnap--matches colors to Sherwin Williams paint while also providing 2 coordinating colors.
CraigsPro--a girl like me never wants to be too far away from CL.
Dictionary--I like my english to be correct!
iHandy Carpenter--for when I forget my measuring tape (small items only)
Redlaser--scan any barcode and tells you the price in seconds and also tells how much the item costs elsewhere!!!
YardSale Mapper--see all the sales within a 20 mile radius on any given day, and also plan your route!
Shazam--for songs I love but don't know the artists (like "tender love", by full force).

I also found out about an app called "Sleep Cycle" on Wouldn't Stop If I Could.   I'm adding that to the list too.

I need would really like to have this phone, but unfortunately I'll probably have to ride it out until my bb dies, because what I paid for that was ridiculous.  A girl can dream right???

For all of you iPhone-rs, what are your must have apps???