Am I A Thief???

I think I might be a thief.  Last night I found this sitting outside a Goodwill drop off.  

There was a ton of stuff outside, but these two tables caught my eye.  

Love the little feet.

They're both in relatively good condition, and will look great after a little TLC.  It didn't occur to me until I got home that picking this stuff up could actually classify me a a thief.  I figured it was okay to take for 2 reasons--
1-when I donate things, I do so because I have no longer have use for them and would rather someone else use them then throw the item(s) away.  I will generally try to give things to my neighbors before I donate as well.  The only time I'm really specific is if I'm taking things to a women's shelter or a children's group home.  I figured the tables were just things people wanted to get rid of, but not throw away.  

2-you're not supposed to leave the things outside if the truck isn't open (this was not in front of the store, it was a stand alone donation truck), so I figured the person (or persons) just wanted to get rid of the things "right now", instead of waiting until they were accepting donations and get a receipt.  This means it's okay, right?

I think the tables are great, especially the small one, but now I'm wondering . . . am I really a thief???  If you saw great things outside of a closed donation spot (not a retail location), would you take an item if it met your fancy???