Show Me Your Trash!!

Most of the blogs I read are all about decorating, designing, crafting, and refinishing.  After seeing pieces with some great potential, I want to see what else is out there--what "trash" have you found recently??  If you have a piece of furniture (or tschotske) that you're working on, or have plans to work on, send me an email and show me your trash!  The thing I love most about going to thrift stores/CL/ebay is seeing the stuff that people have thrown away, like this stuff from my post yesterday.   Every time I find something I love, like my  armoire, I say--did someone really think this was trash???

Adrianna at Dreams of Perfection found these 2 AMAZING lamps at the Habitat ReStore!!  

I. LOVE. THESE.  They look amazing as is to me, but she ended up hitting them with a bit of color and now they're even better, if you can imagine it.  Check it for yourself here.  Her lamps pre-color were awfully similar to this pair that Lakeitha from Home To Three Duncan Boys bought a week ago.  Gotta love the stuff people give away . . . .

This will either be a place to gain a new idea for transforming your piece or an opportunity to show off your great eye for style, but either way,  I hope you'll upload your photos and send them my way!!