Trash Day: Bookcases

  **Emily emailed better photos, so this post has been edited to show them off**
Emily at Emily A. Clark sent in a photo of 2 bookcases she scored for only $40 (both pieces)!! 

Crazy, right?  There's so much potential in these pieces!!! I can only guess that the person who sold them did so because they needed room--to do so for any other reason is a crime!  Emily loved the detail on the doors (I do, too!) and is painting them a glossy white, which will give them a whole new life.  Here are some other ideas for bookcase makeovers . . .

bookcase-painted back by shoppingsmycardio.

Kickass Green Bookcase by Matt Sidesinger.

Preppy by It's Great To Be Home.

Bookcases always look great livened up with a fresh, contrasting color on the shelves.  Another lively option is to paper the back (shelves) with wallpaper, grass cloth, or even scrapbook paper.

Back Panels Done by debcll.

Michael Partenio by It's Great To Be Home.

Christina Murphy by It's Great To Be Home.

I'm loving all of these options!  The most important thing is to start with a great piece, and Emily not only found some great pieces, but at a steal of a bargain.  Can't wait to see how they turn out!  Make sure you check her out  and stay tuned for the final reveal.

Have you found a great piece that you'd like to share? Email me so I can feature it here!  Trash Day is all about highlighting your unwanted piece of second (or third or fourth) hand furniture, so send in your fabulous find.  One woman's trash can always be another woman's treasure!