What Did We Do Before Craigslist???

The idea of trolling the newspaper for yard sales and having to drive around to find what you're looking for seems so archaic these days.  Don't get me wrong, I still do it from time to time, but only when I'm in a mood to do the driving and okay with coming home empty handed.  I remember the days of circling the listings in the paper and figuring out the best ways to get from house to house, or better yet, driving around looking for signs like this.

yard sale

                                                                 credit: Anthony Rosenberg
Of course it helps that I have one of these now.

Acura TL Navigation by jeremiah_owyang.

Still, I stopped by 3 sales this weekend and there was nothing but JUNK masquerading as "antiques".  The thrill of a yard sale can be great, but nothing can beat searching for what you specifically need (and find it).  Thank God I found these on Craigslist last week.  

Only the most perfect nightstands EVER.  When I called they were already promised to someone else, but the owner emailed the next day and told me that the woman came by and decided they were too big (silly girl!), so if I could come soon, they were mine!  How often does that happen??? Normally in this instance the people come, love the item, and you miss out.  I've been searching for the perfect nightstands for my bedroom for awhile and these are not only fabulous, but they're vintage, one of a kind, and only $50.  

They need a little prep work, but nothing more than a light sanding and a good cleaning.  They're perfect for me because I definitely need at least one drawer, but I like the open shelving at the bottom, too.  They're wider in the front, narrower in the back, and I love the clean, almost Zen detail on the feet.  My plans include black paint (definitely!), a hardware change (possibly) and some nailhead trim (maybe).  

I don't know if I love these or my gold lamps more.