Christina Murphy Interiors

I don't know that LOVE is a strong enough word for this perfection . . .

The glass cloth on the ceiling is fabulous, and I love the ebonized parquet floors.

I've always wanted to have a room done in a high-gloss or lacquer treatment.  I love the peacock color on the walls balanced with the white sofas and big windows.  To me it feels classy and sexy, yet also comfortable, which I love.

Three things steal the show here: the wallpaper, the lighting, and that amazing hammered table base.

Love the gold detail added to the mirrors on the built-ins.  Again--sophisticated,  but comfortable (a style that I love!).

I can see myself drawing those shades and curling up on the couch for a movie!  Love the cozy feel.

My favorite thing here? The storage under the crib (the rug's not too shabby, either!).

More gloss, both on the floor and the walls.  Looking at this makes me wish I would've kept my parquet entry . . . . 

So many great things here. Love the mirror, love the Diamond Jute (find a similar one here), and all of the chairs.

I know I don't need to say anything about KWID trellis, so let's jump to the club chairs, the lighting placement, and all of that natural light!!


Black doors + Black floor (the showstopper in this house!) + Wallpaper + Bench + Dresser + Art = Breathtaking.  (I really just could've mentioned everything in this space . . . )

I've been thinking more and more about painted floors lately, and these really make me want to take the plunge. Not in my home, of course, because my floors are only 4 years old, but somewhere, in somebody's home.  I love the backsplash and the Acrylic/chrome stools, too.

All photos courtesy of designer extraordinaire, Christina Murphy.  If you haven't had the pleasure to view her portfolio, you must check it out.  So many beautiful rooms.

Can you believe she started just 10 years ago?? AMAZING.