I Spy . . .

 And just what do I spy?

These tables (that I haven't seen before!) at Target.

They look awfully similar to the one Betsy Burnham used in this living room design.

See it over there on the right?  It looks like the top on this one might be mirrored, but for about $300 cheaper (probably) the Target find will work.  I wasn't able to find the price, but I figure it's no more than $80 at most.  Better go snatch one up if you're in the market. 
Also, I picked this little do-dad up yesterday for my desk.  

                                      (Sorry about the . . . complicated table.  I've still super busy.  More details to come . . . )

I'll be using it for my cards (if they ever come!), but I'm dying to  know what it's actually for.  Any ideas??

**Also, thank to everyone who's emailed me over the past few days for fresh furniture ideas--I'm flattered!**