Last week was truly a whirlwind, hence the lack of posts.  In addition to my normal super busy school schedule, I spent the majority of the week running from one business/interior design event to the next, and I must say, I had an absolute BLAST.  Needless to say, they've left me super excited and energized about the future!  I was only able to attend 2 SCADStyle events (more on that here), but they were both amazing.  Monday I headed over to SCAD to see Laurie Ann Goldman, who is CEO of Spanx.  

Her reflection and the dialogue that followed was open, insightful, and very honest, which I always appreciate.  I thought I was coming to the event for one thing, but ended up leaving with something completely different that spoke to me even more.   I love it when that happens.

Thursday night I saw Thom Filicia, who, as you know, is my FAVORITE. Let me tell you,  he is just as handsome, charming, and personable as he appears on TV, if not more so!  His presentation was outstanding, and of course, I have a few pages of notes.  I could go on and on about Thom, but I'll stop now and just say that if you have an opportunity to hear him in an educational setting (and you're interested in interior design), don't pass it up.  

Also, last week marked the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center's annual industry event,  Design ADAC 2010, and I was able to attend all of the keynote sessions from Wednesday thru Friday.  The speakers were all awesome, and I had an opportunity to learn from some of the best in the design world including:

John Saladino

Alessandra Branca

Robin Wilson

& Windsor Smith.

Each session was informative (I took pages of notes!), and during one I even participated in a role-play which I ate up, because somewhere, in some past life, I'm quite sure I used to be an actress or a singer.  I toured some of the showrooms & attended a few panels/classes ( I saw only a very small fraction of the more than 550,000 square feet ADAC covers),  made new contacts, and met new friends, but the true value was what took place for me on the inside.  One of the days I came home and was so excited about my day that I wrote a little blurb about what I was feeling.  I'm going to post it on my board for encouragement during those times when the days and nights are long (like these last few weeks of school), because I always want to remember and connect with that energy from last week.

So since I'm still somewhat decompressing, what I've decided to do is take the week (plus or minus a few days) and share some of my notes from each event, along with my observations and thoughts.   I know you'll find something that speaks to you in your life and/or business, so stop by tomorrow to see what Laurie Ann Goldman said about "The Power of Intuition".


**I had the pleasure to meet Marianne Strong from Haven and Home and she is just as nice in person as you would imagine her to be from her blog!  She sat down right in front of me during one of the panels, and even though I thought she looked familiar, I didn't think it was really her.  Thankfully she stopped me in the parking lot and we had a chance to chat.  I love meeting other bloggers!**