Woo Hoo!

By the time most of you read this, I'll be settling into my window seat on one of these, headed for a girls weekend, of sorts.  No worries, though, I should be able to squeeeeeze out a few posts while I'm gone.  To give you a little something to sink your teeth into, here's a look at what I'm working on for my final project, a (gentleman's) Writer's Den . . . 

The flash has thrown the colors off a bit, but the main details will be architectural, with navy grasscloth wallpaper, coffered ceilings (with grasscloth-covered insets), and crisp, white wainscoting.  I'm envisioning a sort of "Modern Americana", with some rustic pieces and structured, masculine textures & hues. I'm really loving the direction so far--what do you think?