I had a great weekend!  It started out with an email last week from a reader (Hi Ariane!) wondering if I was selling this chair I bought a few months back.

I had no plans to sell it, but I also know that I've been wanting a wingback for my bedroom (where this chair was originally destined),

 so after some contemplating, I named a price and she agreed.  I normally buy stuff I love, so it's always really hard to get rid of things, but this time it was so worth it.  I called her Saturday morning to schedule a meet up time, and (to make a long story short) found out that she got engaged the previous night---how exciting!!!  She and her fiance David are the sweetest couple, and it was cool to meet a reader who's not an actual blogger.  I think I talked their ears off (sorry, guys), but I have to admit that I feel like I'm now a part of their story (in no one's mind but my own), since working out the logistics of the chair swap became such a big part of their "morning after".  

Congratulations again, Ariane & David--hope you guys enjoy your "new" chair and a long and happy life together! :)