Which Is Best?


Do you use any of these??

What are your opinions about each?  I love the smell of clean clothes and doing laundry (I feel like it's such a luxury to have a washer & dryer in my home!), but have been wanting to switch from using Tide to a more eco-friendly brand.  I used Method many moons ago, but I never got the full usage out of the bottle because I really couldn't believe that that tiny little cap full could get a whole load of clothes clean, not to mention that I wasn't head over heels about the smell.  It lasted me about 20 loads. If any of you use (or have used) any of these products, I'd love to hear your opinion about the one you'd recommend.  And if you use something else, tell me about that too!  First and foremost, I want the clothes to be clean, but the scent is equally important. Let me know what you think!