An Important Warning for Thrifters!


I recently read an excellent, but sad, post from my good friend, Beth (of The Stories of A to Z) about bedbugs.  Gross, right?  I know, but if there’s one thing I’ve always loved about her, it’s her commitment to being open and honest on her blog.  I've been meaning to share it here because I wanted to get the word out about something that could really happen to any of us! She shared that her home has undergone an infestation of bed bugs, that she suspects came in from one of the many items she brings home thrifting---furniture, clothes, do-das, and thingamagigs.

Even if you don’t buy clothes and/or blankets from the thrift store (or any second-hand shops, like consignment shops, for that matter), don’t think you’re out of the woods!  All it takes is hauling that one must-have item into your house before those little pests take over, and from what she’s detailed here and here, it’s quite expensive (and painful!) to get rid of them.  Beth has had so much going on this year, I hate for this to be another thing added to her plate, but she’s definitely been proactive about getting them eradicated.  She actually had to throw away her mattress and purchase a new one, and while she says her mattress was old anyway, I’m sure she would’ve liked the purchase to be on her (and her husband's) own time.

You have to read all of the details and see her photos, but let me serve as a second warning to protect yourself when buying second hand items for your home.  I leave most of my things in my garage when I bring them home, but from time to time I’ve been known to haul in some lamps or a stool to see how it looks--not anymore.  These things will have to be thoroughly cleaned before they enter the house.

For those of you in apartments I would recommend having all upholstered furniture immediately steam cleaned if you plan on using it right away, because all it takes is one culprit to leave your wallet (and your body) in pain.  If you love second-hand furniture (and items) like I do, you really need to read this.