The Joys of Internet Dating.


By now, you DO know that this is my term for a blogger meet-up, right??

Friendships in the blog world are amazing, and yet a bit like internet dating because the process is much of the same. Think about it--you see (or read about, in this case) someone you think you might like, start to exchange comments with that person, slowly working your way towards private emails.  Suddenly emails begin to exchange more often. Then you schedule a face-to-face "date" where you spend the hours (or minutes, in some cases) seeing if there's a connection, after which you  decide whether you want to see the person again or "keep looking".  Very similar, right?  I told you.

Well this past week(end) I was able to meet up with Nashville-based Interior Designer (and boutique owner) Amanda Burdge of AB Home Interiors, and I would have to call our meet up a successful "date". Think I'm fibbing? Here's some proof.

(Photo via David Naugle of Naugleworks; taken @ Pieces)

Amanda and I have become email/blog friends over the last few months through her blog, AB Home Interiors, and when she graciously offered to show me around the 2010 Atlanta Gift & Home Furnishings Market (commonly known as "Market") in exchange for my showing her my fabulous city, I had an offer I couldn't pass up.

For those of you who know Amanda from her blog, she is as beautiful, smart, and witty in the flesh!  Not only did she take 2 days to show me the ins and outs of Market (the details of which I will share in the coming days), but we talked incessantly about the business of design, blogging, retail merchandising, friendships and much of the like. She's lived in several states and has a great understanding of the various geographic cultures of design, in addition to an immense knowledge of the business itself.  Not only is she a friend, but she's someone I would also consider to be a business mentor.  As a new designer painstakingly creating my own brand, I value the advice of other successful people whom I trust and with whom I feel a mutuality.  Needless to say, Amanda definitely fits the bill.

Want to know what we did for 2.5 days?  Well here's the skinny . . .

We attended a private party honoring Jonathan Adler thrown by Lee Kleinhelter from the über-fabulous Atlanta boutique, Pieces.

We ate.

(This turkey burger from Flip Burger Boutique is perhaps the best one you will taste in your life.  It even has pomegranate ketchup . . . YUM.)

We shopped.

And shopped a bit more.

And she kept me from hitting pedestrians and driving on the wrong side of the street because I was too busy trying to stay engaged in our conversation (Amanda, I really am a great driver!).

Sounds like fun times, right? You bet.  Stay tuned for more details about our "date" and the tips you must know before attending any wholesale gift/home furnishings market!