Thrift Store Finds!

Can you believe it??

I found this amazing faux bamboo mirror at a thrift store I NEVER go to, because they NEVER have anything . . . but I guess I won't be able to say that anymore!  The faux bamboo mirror I found a few months back was nowhere near as fabulous as this one, 'cause this one's famous.  You may even remember it from LA designer Vanessa De Vargas' spread in Lonny Magazine a few months back.

 Yup, it's the same one (well, not the same one, but you know what I mean).  For now I'll be keeping it for my home, but there's a possibility it may be up for sale in the future.  If so, I'll definitely post it here.
Finding this mirror led me to search the internet for others like it, and I found a treasure trove!  Here are a few looks at some of the great faux bamboo mirrors floating around the web . . .

via Google images

I like to think that faux bamboo makes everything better . . . don't you agree??