In 1997, I had just graduated from law school (with tons of student-loan debt) and was interviewing for high-paying positions at big firms. The problem was, my heart wasn't in it. So I took myself out of the running in order to build a small Internet publishing company with a friend. After a year of barely staying afloat, our venture went the way of a 404 ERROR message. I was broke and unemployed, and Sallie Mae was hot on my tail. I wondered what endeavor I should try next.
It sounds crazy, but once again I decided I should just throw caution to the wind and do what I wanted.  I began working as a trial attorney for the US Department of Justice. Over the next few years, I held a wide array of fascinating jobs that I took because they captured my imagination: serving in the military, reporting from Iraq for the Washington Post, and, most recently, becoming a full-time author. Some might consider me flighty for changing careers so often, but I contend that they key to professional happiness is asking yourself two simple questions everyday: Are you passionate about what you do? And if not, what are you going to do instead?
                                            Bill Murphy Jr., author of The Intellegent Entreprenuer (via Real Simple)