Atlanta Market-January 2011


Weekend highlights from Market...

A beautiful booth by Mr. Brown from Julian Chichester, a new line launched in October 2010. The booth was beautifully styled, the furniture was gorgeous, and the sales reps were as kind & helpful as could be (hey Palmer!!).
Fabulous wallpaper by Osbourne and Little
Mr. Brown will also be rolling out a new collection soon, so be on the lookout for it in April!
No Mas! Cantina had this ridiculously deep copper tub on display--yours for only $7600, but it was breathtaking.  It's the thing I'd imagine would be perfect for a long soak on a chilly night, somewhere where you could watch the waves crash along the shore...
This interesting dose of rustic+modern+glam, available via Camilla House Imports.
The panel was great,
and a very special thank you to Katie Belveal & Tara King from AmericasMart Atlanta for all of their hospitality & care during the weekend!
Here's to a great week,