Best of Atlanta: Scott Antique Market


Sometimes I get jealous when I hear of these really great boutiques and outlets in other cites in which I don't live--places like Woodson & Rummerfield's House of Design in LA. I think about how lucky the people are who live in those cities (that they get to partake of the fabulousness as often as they like), meanwhile I'm furiously bookmarking and notetaking, adding said boutique to my never-ending Must Visit list.  But before I get too down, I remember that Atlanta's a pretty stellar place to live in itself, because I have access to a handful of fabulous stores that most people have on their lists (think Pieces, Stanton Home Furnishings, South of Market). We're also home to great thrift, flea, and antique markets, and Saturday I took a jaunt down to one such place-- Scott Antique Market--which is a nationally-known flea market that draws vendors from all across the country.

Scott's (as we locals call it) is America's largest indoor antique show featuring over 2400 indoor exhibitor booths and additional outdoor vendor space. This month at Scott's was more of a scouting trip for me (more details to come soon!), but I ran across some great pieces and learned a neat history lesson in the process.

Aren't these some of the most beautiful napkin rings you've ever seen? They caught my eye as I walked past the booth of Carol O'Steen from the Unique Silver Store, and I remarked that it was odd to see monograms of first names on an item that the whole family would normally use, like napkin rings.  Carol shared that the monogramming of first names dates back to times when people depended on wells as their primary water source.  Since the water was hard(er) to come by, clothes and household textiles were not frequently washed which meant that family members had to reuse their table napkins. As such, napkin rings were monogrammed with a person's initials or first name so family members could identify their own napkin. What I love about these rings is that so many of them are truly unique, and the detail is something you don't often see anymore.  They also make a thoughtful gift for the host or hostess who loves a well dressed table!
The thing about Scott's is that there are so many great items to look through and vendors to chose from. If you're like me and love an eclectic space filled with personal treasures that have stories to tell, you'll really love this place.  It's a must see for all of my Atlanta-based readers, and worth the drive for those of you who are out-of-towners. Eddie Ross even talked about some of his great finds here! Being that it's an antique market, you never know what you'll find, but I can guarantee that you'll find something special.  Here's a look at what I found this weekend:
kind of kicking myself for not buying this table...
If you live in Atlanta and have a great Scott's find, leave a comment and email me a photo! If you live in a city/town with a great market of its own, let me know about that too.  I'm always down to travel in search of great vintage & antiques!