Room Service Atlanta Countdown--I Need Your Help!


In just one week we'll be beginning our first Room Service Atlanta install at the Nicholas House here in the Grant Park section of Atlanta! I'm so proud of all the work Erika and I have accomplished, and excited to see all of the Participating Designers (and our extended community!) come together to give the residents a beautiful space to call home. We've been lucky to have several local and national businesses partner with RSA, but I still need your help! I'm about $600 short and it's money that's desperately needed for shelving and storage solutions for the mom and 2 daughters in my room. Will you donate $25 to help fund this goal? Can you contribute a gift card to a retailer such as Target, Walmart, Ikea or Home Depot to help meet this need?? The Nicholas House is a 501c(3) organization, so all donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated! Donations of more than $25 are absolutely accepted, but I know that 24 people giving $25 will meet my goal. Any extra monies raised beyond the goal will still be used for the purpose of buying goods for the RSA install taking place next week.

Thank you in advance for your help--click the button below to contribute!