Room Service Atlanta: Design Plan


I've finally got a design plan that I'm 99% sure of! My room houses a mother and 2 children, so my main goal was to create a plan that was clean, relaxing, and neutral enough that the family that comes in after the current residents could still feel at home.  Here's another look at my room, Room 5:

My room is the only one in this 108 year-old house that doesn't have an exterior window (only a window that faces a hallway--very weird) which kind of sucked. My original plan was to do a wall of drapery to cover the "window" situation, but we're unfortunately not allowed to use drapery due to the City of Atlanta fire code. This last minute info threw a wrench into my plan, but I came up with an alternative that I'm very pleased with!

Clearly everything here is not going in the room (like the nightstands and dresser from 1st dibs!), but I wanted to give you guys an idea of what I'm planning. Our installation starts today at 9am, so wish us all luck! Tomorrow I'll give you a sneak peek of two great pieces of furniture I bought this weekend and refinished for my room. And a great big HUGE thanks to those of you who so kindly contributed to our efforts!  If you're still interested in donating, it's not too late, just click the link below.