Room Service Atlanta: Nothin' But Elbow Grease


I am happy to say that the RSA installation at Nicholas House has been a great success so far! All of the Participating Designers showed up ready to work on Monday, and everyone has been diligently working their plans!  I have seen some really amazing transformations taking place in the rooms, and I'm excited for you all to get a look at what our group has accomplished. As for me, I've been lucky to have some great volunteers on hand every day! Monday Tiffany Scales of Savor Home showed up to help me kick the week off, and we got off to a great start! Tiffany, who I met early last year while working at Restoration Hardware, was one of the first people who reached out to me about volunteering when we started RSA, and I was happy to have a chance to connect with her again! We started out by scrubbing the walls and baseboards (using some Mrs Meyers Lemon Verbena which smells amazing!) and applied a coat of SW Proper Grey to the walls, the color I selected for my plan.

 The mirror, wall rack and dresser you see in the photo are all came out of the room. It was insufficient and barely hanging on!

Since the house is 108 years old, the walls consist of sheetrock on top of plaster on top of lath, which is quite a lot to work with. When we took the mirror down I also found that a layer of very old and super thick wallpaper had been thrown in somewhere in the mix. Dealing with the uneven walls proved quite the challenge, but the Paint Sticks donated by Home Right were just the thing we needed to make painting a cinch! David, who owns the marketing company that works with Home Right, even flew out from Utah to give us personal tutorials, video some testimonies, and volunteer his time to help us get the painting done! I was being a bit camera shy (although you can't tell from this video!), so David got the beautiful Tiffany on camera to give her tutorial. While we only got one wall painted, we finished the day with a great smelling room and good momentum for the remainder of the week. 
Tuesday brought the help of my good friend Jenn, who quickly became my dawg when we worked together at Resto last year. Jenn's a new design blogger (check her blog out here)and in addition to being hilarious, she is also a work horse (she works 3 jobs!!), so I was honored that she took her one free day of the week to spend time helping me get my room together. The plan for the day was to get the room completely painted, but we ended up doing a little more after I mentioned that I'd like to paint the bunk beds. I didn't think it could be done in time, but Jenn's not one to back away from a challenge, so we spent the last part of the day laying down a fresh coat of crisp white paint.  We ended the day feeling very accomplished, and I was ready to bring the big "new" pieces the following day. 
(I had a better photo but i realized it gave too much away. You know I have to keep you all in suspense until next week!)
Wednesday Adrienne Coman, a local designer, muralist, and furniture refinisher (like myself!) came to assist me in addition to my can't-live-without-him contractor, David Cloak. Adrienne (who I know through Dorothy, a good friend who manages a local Calico Corners) spent the day putting the finishing touches on the bunk bed while I touched up my dresser and desk which were slightly scratched during delivery & install. David installed my bamboo roman shades, shelving, and new light fixture, and the major pieces in my plan are now complete! My plan is to spend Thursday touching up paint and installing a few accessories including hooks, baskets, lamps, rugs, etc. 
I've really been blown away by what we've accomplished here!  Everyone is working so, so hard and we're already hearing great feedback from the residents--I really think you guys will be impressed with what we've done.  I can't wait to share the finished results!