I bought my home in 2006 and it's still far from finished (anyone else out there who can relate?). I tend to get inspired about specific elements and start skipping around to different rooms, so I promised myself that (this year) I would only focus on one room at a time, and complete each project before moving on to the next.  My first job? The master bedroom. I've been diligently sourcing & refinishing second-hand items but needed to swap out a previously purchased chair for something with a little more height & heft. I was originally thinking wingback, but really had my heart set on a wood-frame style (it's actually called a Bergére chair--see tomorrow's post!), which I thought would be extremely difficult to find. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon exactly what I was looking for being sold by an owner who was so desperate to get rid of it, she threw in a second chair & gave me a ridiculous deal to get them off her hands.

I'm actually LOVING the retro flame stitch and wish it wasn't in such tattered condition--I would absolutely refinish the frame and use it as-is, but no such luck (how in the world did it get so torn up in the first place??). The plan is to strip & seal the frame (going for a rustic look), and then reupholster the cushions in a charcoal linen with a double white piping. Not the statement piece I was first imagining, but I think the simple, classic look will work better in my space. I can't quite show you pics yet, but I can show you what's in my room!
(gotta love these horrid photos...)
 Having a hard time putting it all together?? Hopefully you won't be in suspense much longer once the chair is finished. Stay tuned for a complete reveal soon!