If you follow me on Pintrest, you may notice that I've been pinning a lot of images like this lately...

Source: None via Dayka on Pinterest

...and it's all because I've been practicing a bit of "believe it before you see it"-ism. Let me start with a little backstory--there's a wee game of furniture musical chairs going on at my house these days, between new things selling quickly at the store and Craigslisting (yes, I'm making it a verb) pieces I no longer want. I purchased a set of 4 faux bamboo chairs last year and was planning on using those for my dining room, until I found a faux bamboo dining table 2 weeks ago--then I started thinking I should pair the bamboo pieces together and keep searching for the perfect dining chairs. Lo & behold, I found them last week on Craigslist but the listing said "Pending Sale" in the title. I emailed the seller with my phone number & asked him/her to call me if they were still available (per their instructions). After about 2 hours of hearing nothing, I decided I would simply die without the chairs, so I sent the seller another email letting him/her know I didn't mean to be a pest, but was serious, had cash, and would be able to pick up them up ASAP. He called me back about an hour later and informed me they were already sold, which pissed me off a bit (not at him, just mad I didn't see the post sooner). Fast forward to the next day, I get an email from him saying the other seller couldn't pick up the chairs until the FOLLOWING WEEK, so if I was still interested he would "consider" it! I neglected, however, to read the part where he raised the price by $100 because the other potential buyer had offered to pay as much. We played phone tag for the majority of the day, and upon reaching him, I told him that I couldn't (really, wouldn't) pay his new price, but would pay $25 more than he asked. He sounded hesitant, but upon learning I lived around the corner from his job where he happened to have the chairs in his truck(!!!), he was sold and we met for pick up. Wondering what I scored? Feast your eyes below.

Yup, for reals. It's none other than A SET OF 6 LOUIS XV STYLE CHAIRS!! The price? $175 (up from his original price of $150). I know--shut your mouth. So here's the lesson I wanted to share--I know the guy was inundated with emails about these chairs, but he gave me the first opportunity to buy them once the original buyer wasn't available. Why? Two reasons. (1)-I made sure he knew I was serious from the jump & sent him a backup email when I thought my first one didn't convey my commitment.  I let him know that I was ready (committed), willing (would pay his price in cash), & able (no delivery necessary) to buy them ASAP. (2)-I was polite. When he first called, I thanked him for taking the time to get back to me even though they were sold and let him know that I was sorry I hadn't seen them first. 
I'd like to think he contacted me first because I was friendly over the phone/in my emails & was willing to make the transaction as easy as possible. So when you find something you can't live without on Craigslist, be persistent & polite, make sure the seller knows you're serious, and be prepared to up the ante & offer as much as you're comfortable paying for the item. I've lost out a few times on Craigslist before and let me tell you, it's much better to be safe than sorry.