So now you find out why my wrap up post from last week was late! Here's the little secret I've been keeping--while out thrifting last Saturday, I was contacted by a reporter from the local NBC affiliate (11 Alive) looking to do a story on my Etsy store, Vintage Styled Home!  Of course I was beyond thrilled and after taking an extra day of rest, I kicked into a frenzy trying to make sure things around my house were together in preparation for the camera crew. I never received a firm air date (which is why I didn't want to mention it here and jump the gun), so imagine my surprise when I received a late night email (Tuesday night) from a past client telling me she saw me on the 11 o'clock news--then I woke up yesterday to a Facebook comment from another friend telling me she saw me on the morning news! I hate that I didn't catch it live, but I'm ecstatic about all of this airtime! 

I am so, so grateful and thankful for this great press! One of my goals for the year was to really push myself and put my businesses (design & resale) into high gear which specifically included printed & televison press. I'm a firm believer in writing down goals and being specific, and I know that it's made all of the difference! Please watch the video when you have a moment--I'd love to hear your feedback!

*Also, I'll be adding refinished furniture to my store very soon--make sure you check back often!*