Posting was light last week, but with good reason! I was contacted Monday by a national media outlet looking to include yours truly in an article about Atlanta Interior Designers. I was beyond thrilled to be asked, and it also gave me the push to take some new interior images to include with my article. I really wanted to include the dining room I'm currently finishing for a client but since we're a few weeks away from completion, the next closest project is my master bedroom. As I shared with you guys before, I have everything I need for my bedroom except my wall art (currently out of stock) and my fabulous Bergére/wingback chair, of which I'm still waiting for the fabric to arrive. Still, I called my up photographer extraordinaire, Christina Wedge, and we scheduled our shoot for Friday. We only took a few shots since a few of the final pieces weren't in place), but I am ecstatic with the results! Without further adieu, here's your peek at the place where I do most of my blogging, business planning, reading, and Grey's Anatomy-watching--step into my bedroom...

**I know the light looks odd, but it's actually a ceiling fan! The fan didn't seem to be moving that fast, but clearly it was--you only see a slight whirl of the blades!**

Might I remind you that ALL OF THE FURNITURE PIECES YOU SEE HERE ARE VINTAGE, THRIFTED/CRAIGSLISTED/SECONDHAND AND HAVE BEEN REFINISHED BY YOURS TRULY??? Yup, you read that right--secondhand, thrift stores, someone else's "junk", etc. If you haven't seen the before photos of these pieces, you must to click here to see how everything started. You'll have to stay tuned for the next Master Bedroom reveal but in the meantime, I'd be delighted if you left me a little comment down below...

**In the fine print I'll tell you that the only exception to this declaration is the gorgeous Nanette Leather Chair which was on loan to me from my fine friends at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Atlanta. (This may sound like a plug, but only because it's the truth--you won't find a more service-oriented and all around great group of industry people than the sales & management team @ MGBWAtlanta. They're hip, they read blogs, and they're all about design. If you're not buying your furniture from them, you should be!)**