That wave of energy to get my bedroom done rode me right on downstairs. I've been debating painting my brick fireplace for awhile, but that Sherwin Williams 40% off sale was just the kick I needed to dive in and test the waters. I'm strongly leaning towards a dark color a la The Brick House, but decided to test both...

(BEFORE: yup, I using my fabulous lamps downstairs too--they're the perfect size for my tuxedo couch)

I really, really like the dark color (which is a SW color match to Behr Dark Cavern) but decided to hold off painting the whole fireplace dark since I haven't finalized a scheme for the space yet. In the meantime, I went ahead and primed the fireplace since it has to be done regardless of what color I choose. It's the perfect opportunity for me to test the waters of a lighter fireplace without having to apply a white top coat. And even though my neighbor has already popped by and weighed-in with his favorite (and he's definitely against the dark brown), it would secretly thrill me to hear your opinion too. 
So what's your pick--light or dark??

*And let me say for the record, that unless you have really cool brick like this, it's always gonna be in your favor to paint. Even if I don't stick with the white, it's lightened up the room A TON. Believe me.*