My weekend started like this.

People kept driving by and slowing down as if I was having a yard sale. I know my neighbors have been dying to see what my garage looks like since it seems like I'm outside with a new piece every week. Saturday they got their chance to take a looky-loo. I pulled almost everything out of my garage and got down to sorting and cleaning--I just couldn't take having to navigate the garage anymore. It was seriously getting dangerous.

For those of you who didn't know, I work from home which means all of my stripping, painting and staining is done within the confines of my garage. This is a SINGLE CAR garage, mind you, which also doubles as my "showroom"/ storage unit so as you can imagine, it gets super tight in my little studio. In addition to a space for refinishing and storage, I had to contend with a huge stack of boxes  (needed to ship items from my shop) and also wanted to create a space to photograph my loot.  I took my garage from this...

to this...
Now it may not look like it to you, but this is REAL PROGRESS. I ended up with 2 huge truckloads of things that I (sadly) had to give to Goodwill, but it was all for a greater goal.
 I even managed to get  my "photography studio" in order, so you know what that means...
 I'm big time now, y'all.