Merry Christmas to you all!
My holiday was definitely low-key. I don't know...for some reason I just couldn't fully get into the holiday spirit this year, which was totally due to this crazy Atlanta weather! Last year it snowed on Christmas but this year it was warm. Like, 55 degrees. I felt like I was back home in Cali which would've been great IF I'd wanted a warm Christmas! When I think of holidays, I want more of this...

and less of this in-between weather. Is it just me, or do you need the cold weather too? My Christmas tree didn't even look that hot this year, which is why I never shared it--I just couldn't find my holiday mojo.

But besides that , my Christmas was relaxing & spent with family, a delicious lamb roast (one of my favorites!), a little White Christmas (one of my favorite movies), and a nice nap to round it all out!

I hope you all had a great Christmas. If you were able to spend it somewhere with some great weather (even if that means it was warm), I want to hear about it!