#1-Fellow blogger Cris Angsten email me last week and asked me to contribute to her  "Weird Things Design Types Love" series where this week's topic would be the Saarinen Tulip table. I wrote my thoughts Wednesday, emailed them to her and BAM, post goes up yesterday. Click here to see my thoughts along with a few other bloggers/design fanatics.

#2-As you know, I'm still working on the commercial project and I'm seriously like, less than a week from being done. I was debating about ordering the Saarinen from Room & Board (which I believe is just inspired by the original Tulip table)and called the store last night to see if they had the table in stock.

Dayka: "hi, .....if you have the SAAR-EN-IN table in stock in stock?"
Salesgirl: "I'm sorry, I didn't understand... what did you ask for?"
Dayka: "the SAAR-EN-IN 36" coffee table."
Salesgirl: "oh, I think you mean the SAIRE-EN-IN?"
Dayka: "uh...yes, sorry."

Now I am totally cool with having my grammar corrected if I am in fact pronouncing a word wrong, because I never want to be that person that is publically speaking in a super confident manner and yet saying something like "pacifically" instead of "specifically."  So if (on the odd chance) you hear me saying something crazy, please tap my shoulder, whisper in my ear and educate me. After we hung up I did the first thing I always do in a serious case of confusion and turned to trusty ol' Google to hunt down the proper pronunciation...and I was right! It's not SAIRE-EN-EN. It is in fact, SAAR-EN-IN. Phonetic, just like it's spelled (like my name). And here's the link so you can even have fun saying the whole name in native Finnish tongue if you so choose.

So I leave you with this friendly reminder...check your pronunciation.